Large fowl lavender Ameraucana were create by John W Blehm in 2005 and are referred to as “self blue” by some. It's taken under my under cabinet lighting without a flash. 240 LARGE EGGS/YEAR. my ameraucana chicken it trying to hatch her eggs what does it mean if her eggs are white. Araucana. So I’m hoping this year we will have one that lays blue eggs as well. May 22, 2011 - blue ameraucana hen. The Ameraucana is not very common either. If you’ve heard of lavender Ameraucana chicken eggs, you’re likely thinking of Easter Eggers. Follow Our Flock! Minimum 6 eggs per order There are both standard-sized and bantam versions.. History. FEMALE 4.5 LBS. We’ve had several Ameraucana chickens over the years, but they’ve all laid green eggs. These birds are shiny, with varying shades of blues and reds and black with slate-black legs. These Ameraucanas are pure-bred and will breed true Ameraucanas. But in rare cases will lay a PINK egg. Why pick Easter Eggers? Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, as the other three hens mature, they'll start laying as well. also how many eggs can a chicken lay on and hatch at one time? You must be logged in to post a comment. Most blue egg layers sold by hatcheries are the Easter Egger, or the Ameraucana. Ameraucana chickens are a hearty backyard chicken that is best known for the blue eggs they produce. The wattles of this chicken breed is small … We currently have 3 Ameraucana hens, and only one of them has started to lay. There are quite a few reasons to go with easter egger chickens if you are considering raising chickens (and you never have before). The Ameraucana chicken egg color is blue – not lavender, however. I have added genetics directly from Paul Smith. Our Ameraucana will give you bight blue eggs and are true Ameraucana. It looks more aqua in the picture than it was in my hand. Roosters weigh 6-7 pounds and hens weigh 5-6 pounds. First and foremost, they lay BEAUTIFUL eggs. day old chicks, Pullets, and hatching eggs for sale. And not necessarily harmful; blue eggs are widely eaten and the Araucana, in particular, is a very popular exotic chicken breed. Although initially thought to have been developed in the United States, this breed … Birds are from Quality Breeding Stock and are Show Quality. Order your chicks now for spring. "A gricultural scientists created this breed, hoping to preserve the genetics of the South American, blue-egg laying Araucana chicken - but also to eliminate its lethal gene that can kill the chick while inside the shell. In addition, rather than ear tufts, they have muffs and a beard, and are very hardy and sweet. True Ameraucanas only produce one color of egg--blue. They also like to fly and do get some height despite being as small as they are. I've also had difficulty taking pictures of Marans eggs. Ameraucanas. I've found it really difficult to photograph blue eggs. At this time, we believe we're the only major hatchery that offers true Ameraucana eggs. Blue Eggs. They lay blue eggs only. Both make wonderful pets! EGG COLORS: BLUE. The Urban Chickens – Blue Ameraucana Eggs. These beautiful blue birds will have show prospects in your hatchlings. It was bred to retain the blue-egg gene but eliminate the lethal alleles of the parent breed. The Ameraucana is an American breed of domestic chicken.It was developed in the United States in the 1970s, and derives from Araucana chickens brought from Chile. These EGGs will be fresh the day they are shipped. Ameraucana chicken lay blue colored eggs. The Araucana is rumpless and has earmuffs. It is America’s most newly recognized APA breed. According to Araucanas Online, today’s bird doesn’t much resemble its first ancestors, and is often confused with Ameraucana and Easter Egg chickens, which also lay blue eggs. It's the closest I could come to the actual color of the egg. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Ameraucana Chicken … It can be a bit of a late starter, so don’t expect your eggs at 18-20 weeks. An interesting tip is to look at the chicken’s ear lobes; typically those with white ear lobes produce white eggs. Ameraucanas lay beautiful blue-green eggs that add pizazz to any egg carton. Araucana chickens are extremely rare in the United States. Will be fresh the day they are shipped. We are hoping that one or two of them will lay blue or green eggs because we already have one laying peachy-pink ones. Ameraucana chickens lay medium blue eggs that are bound to add color and cheer to your egg basket! Ameraucana chickens originated here in the U.S. And, the Frugal Chicken unpacks the history of the breed for us. This wonderful blue egg laying chicken breed was developed in the U.S.A. in the 1970s. Ameraucana chickens are friendly and social, especially with other chickens. Most of the Araucana chickens sold in the U.S. are not 100% purebred. How do you spell the chicken breed that lays eggs with blue shells: Ameraucana or Americana? The different colored chicken eggs of the Araucana chicken are highly desirable! Here's one I took of my first Ameraucana egg. Many people raise the Araucana chicken just for the beautiful blue eggs. The main similarities are the pea comb and the blue egg gene. To answer that question requires reviewing the breed’s origin. Free-Ranging Skills: Ameraucanas love to free-range but do just as well in confinement. Follow on Instagram. How Many Eggs Do Ameraucana Chickens Lay Each Day? Lavender Ameraucana are not a recognized Ameraucana color variety by the American Poultry Association, yet they are one of the most popular and sought after varieties. APPROX. So there is hope. Ameraucana Chickens, by John W Blehm (originally published in Backyard Poultry Magazine, June/July 2007…updated 2/2020). Right now, only one of the four hens is laying, and we are getting an egg each day. They are similar to the Araucana chickens primarily because of their pea combs and blue-colored eggs, though both are quite from different breeds. Chicken Scratch Poultry breeds for quality. And the Ameraucana chicken has a tail and is bearded and muffed. The Egg Lady on Dable Road in Mukwonago, Wisconsin has quite a good business selling Araucana eggs. While Ameraucanas and Easter Egger chickens are often confused for each other, they are different breeds and you should go through a certified breeder to ensure you get the right chickens. To say that Ameraucana, Araucana and Easter Egg chickens are the same would be like saying Cornish, Brahma and Sex-Linked brown egg layers are the same. An Olive Egger, a chicken that lays olive green eggs, is the product of a cross between a hen and rooster that are from a brown egg and a blue egg laying breed. These are true Ameraucana's. Related. Menu Item; Menu Item; Menu Item; Menu Item; Menu Item ; Menu Item; Menu Item; View By … Unlike Ameraucana chickens, Easter Eggers don’t just lay blue eggs – they can lay brown, green, or even pink eggs – a veritable rainbow of egg colors. They have a pea comb. Many hatcheries falsely sell Easter Eggers under the label of Ameraucana, Americana, or Araucana. These lay lots of sky blue eggs. MATURE WT: MALE 5.5 LBS. Jun 14, 2016 - blue egg layers. The Ameraucana chicken also lays blue eggs, but is a direct ancestor of the Araucana chicken. Ameraucana Chickens are great all-around small farm birds. Cackle Hatchery® started breeding them in 2015. Right To Your Inbox: Coop Scoop News! These comparisons were made between the eggs from the strains of Araucanas and those of White Leghorns and Sex-links. EGG AMERAUCANA Description. Ameraucana’s are a medium size chicken. Some folks reported they had waited 5-7 months before any eggs appeared. They have some hindrance in eyesight due to their extra muff feathers so you may have to keep an eye on them. So, if you are looking to add the Araucana breed to your flock, you will most likely need to consult with a breeder who is working on developing the breed. I know a lot of fanciers are into plumage color and feather perfection, but if we really want to promote this breed and get more people raising Ameraucanas we need to emphasize their utility and production traits. Yes, these are real, true Ameraucana eggs, NOT Easter Eggers. The Ameraucana breed is famous for blue eggs and muffs. We wouldn't be responsible for EGGs after they are shipped or if they don't hatch due to factors not in our control. See more ideas about araucana chickens, chickens, blue eggs. It is a moderately good layer, producing about 3–4 medium sized eggs/week. The resulting chicks can be self-blue or black with a self-blue and black gene. When developing the Ameraucanas, breeders wanted a meatier dual purpose poultry breed, rather than the less vigorous blue egg laying Araucanas imported from South America.. But now you know why their eggs are blue! If you see her, say hi for me. The Ameraucana breed was derived from blue egg-laying chickens, but they do not have the breeding problems inherent to Araucanas. Colored eggs are always a more brilliant color early every laying season, and slowly fade as the season progresses. So how did this breed get such an oddly spelled name? The Ameraucana is beloved for its’ light blue eggs. And it is one of the chicken breeds which lay blue colored eggs. The blue egg of the Araucana was at this time thought to be unique among chickens. They are from show quality stock and have the bluest sky-blue eggs. I have a black rooster direct from Chicken Scratch Poultry. Ameraucana is a recognized breed of the APA in contrast to the Easter Eggers. If your chickens have lay green or pink eggs, they are Eggers not Ameraucana. While the Easter Egger and the Ameraucana both lay lovely colorful eggs, they are actually just hybrids of the Araucana. For example, Leghorn chickens lay white eggs while Orpington’s lay brown eggs and Ameraucana produce blue eggs. The Blue Egg Layer. lay only blue eggs, not green or brown. The Ameraucana chickens have may similarities to the Araucana chickens. In modern times, the Ameraucana breed, a derivative of the Araucana, also lays blue eggs, while hybrid birds carrying the dominant oocyan gene may in the United States be called "Easter eggers". They lay eggs in shades of blue, and even have blue (or "slate") legs. One of our most popular breeds. Ameraucana, a chicken breed often confused with the Easter Eggers, was officially accepted as a standard breed by the American Poultry Association in 1984. That’s because the Araucana breed has a fatal gene that causes a high mortality rate in the chicks. Dec 29, 2011 - Order Ameraucana Chickens. Of special importance to the Ameraucana history is that a shipwreck of a Chilean freighter many decades ago, in the Western Isles of Scotland, established there a type of blue egg layer from Chile, which were tailed, bearded and muffed, and these birds became the forbearer for the birds now recognized as the Standard “ARAUCANA” in Britain and Australia. Download this Fresh Ameraucana Eggs And Feathers photo now. Comparative data collected over two years are presented which refute the popular press claims that blue-shelled eggs of Araucana chickens have higher protein levels and lower cholesterol levels than market eggs. If you said Ameraucana, you are correct. May 3, 2016 admin Leave a comment. The birds are very friendly and good with kids.