Please contact us for assistance, or to schedule an appointment. Website: We also work to help: promote the rights and best interests of all people with a disability in NSW. Fax: Executive Office (416) 326-1366 Make a will; Choose us as your executor ; Make a Power of Attorney; Appoint an Enduring Guardian; Set up a trust Deceased estates. Replace the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) as Statutory The TTY phone number is 1800 424 183. Public Guardian And Trustee. Public Trustee and Guardian Ground Floor, 221 London Circuit Toll-free: 1-800-891-0502 Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee Contact Information (Treatment Decisions Unit) The Treatment Decisions Unit has 12 Treatment Decision Consultants (TDCs) across Ontario who make substitute decisions on behalf of incapable individuals to consent to Long Term Care admissions and treatment decisions. Guardian, to identify the Client Representative for an OPGT Official Visitors are available during business hours from Monday to Friday. An Official Visitor may be contacted by calling 1800 150 036 and following the prompts. 595 Bay Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON, M5G 2M6 _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); Phone an OPGT office near you and ask about meeting by: FaceTime; Skype; texting; videoconferencing; Find an office near you. Read the full Toronto Office telephone guide. Toll-free: 1-800-891-0503 Consent-to-mental-health-treatment-and-care-by-the-Public-Guardian-policy.pdf; OPG's achievements for 2019-20. While Ontario provides for citizens to make their own decisions and appoint substitute decision-makers, there is also provision for a Public Guardian and Trustee who can act on behalf of citizens who are mentally incapable of dealing with their own finances and where there is no one else who can do so. Phone: 02 8688 2650 or 1300 360 466; Email:; Urgent medical or dental decisions outside of business hours. Toll-free: 1-800-366-0335 Client, or to make an inquiry to determine an individual's Information on when disability service providers should contact us for a decision. Canberra City Tel: +61 2 6207 9800. Consent Act, contact the Treatment Decisions Unit at the 595 Bay Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON, M5G 2M6 })(); be mentally incapable and suffering, or at risk of suffering, Receive NSW Trustee & Guardian news and events straight to your inbox. : (613) 241-1202 Fax: (519) 660 -3148, Ottawa Office Tel. Fax: (416) 314-2637, Hamilton Office : (416) 314-2800 1800 673 119: Email: : In person: 211 Victoria Square, Adelaide: Online form: •Make a Will appointment •Make an appointment •General enquiries •Request information •Tell us what you think: Office Hours. Address. Maintenance Notice. The Public Trustee, Public and Official Guardian Office can provide help to those who lack legal capacity in making decisions whether relating to finances or personal matters. Public Guardian Support Unit Phone - (02) 8688 6060. Further information concerning Estate Administration is available in this brochure (156 KB) ^ Top of Page. Toll-free: 1-800-366-0335 ext. The OPG website will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on the following days: 6 Dec 2020, 12am - 9am 12 Dec 2020, 9pm to 13 Dec 2020, 9am. London Courthouse, 80 Dundas Street, London, ON N6A 6A3 Phone: 1300 653 187 Fax: 07 3738 9496 Email: SMS: 0418 740 186 (Please note the SMS service is only available for children and young people) If you are a registered health professional and require a health care consent, you can call our health care consent phone line on 1300 753 624 Decisions about discharging patients. Fax: 807-343-7223 applicable regional office noted below. Tel. Please enter what you're searching for. Investigations Contact Information. The Public Guardian and Trustee of Manitoba is a provincial government Special Operating Agency that manages and protects the affairs of Manitobans who are unable to do so themselves and have no one else willing or able to act. Decisions /*