If the trail had even the slightest sustained incline I would hop off and start hiking the bike. For example, taking zip-off trousers and leaving the shorts at home, paring down tool kits/spares and transferring chain oil into minute 2oz bottle. And throughout all this I crossed under high voltage powerlines, rode on highways, and occasionally came near ATVs. It did its job and then disappeared until I needed it. As a mountain biker you’ll pedal and hike a minimum of 540 miles with roughly 82,000 feet of elevation gain to do the full trail. If you haven’t already you should read the introductory article which gives a brief overview of the trail as well as my experience bikepacking the trail in the fall of 2016. Yes, I know a BAKraft isn’t a true packraft but the portable size and lighter weight lend it to the same purpose. On the Colossal trip I carried an iPhone, Garmin 800, Princeton Tec EOS light, Fenix PD32 Ultimate flashlight, Sony RX100 M2 camera, 18650 charger, and then all the associated charging cords. It’s a growing niche within the mountain biker community these days, but not everyone is familiar with it. I purposely didn’t reveal a whole lot when I first posted my accolades above as the post was about this bike trip… But if it is of any interest to others I cycled across the Nullarbor Desert Adelaide to Perth in Australia with a very minimalist set up- often doing 165 (100 miles) kms per day between road houses. July 12, 2019 December 9, 2019 by Grizzly Adam. May 9, 2019 - Explore Jeff Huebner's board "Colorado trail bikepacking trip" on Pinterest. I think as long as my riding shoes don’t get soaked or muddy before stopping it was fine not having camp shoes. While some of the uphills could seem like a slog, any memory of that was always wiped away as I took off on the descent, feeling euphoric. Be conservative and don’t get hurt out there - it could turn into a big ordeal. It's December 2017. Wildflowers and green meadows aren’t present during an early fall trip, but the aspens were at their prime for much of the trail. Spare tube I typically bring Crocs on my trips but didn’t this time. ER kit I ended up taking two rest days in Leadville to relax while visiting my girlfriend. The Middle Fork of the Flathead had never been on my radar before, but a quick Google revealed a gem of a river that actually inspired the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act back in 1968. That way you can judge how you feel on the fully loaded bike before committing to an epic outing, and you will be able to tap out if your plans are amiss. I’ll add links below as the articles come together. Get news and updates by joining the Facebook group , Follow us on Instagram , join our subreddit , and mailing list . Sign up below for an email newsletter from the site. This guide is by no means comprehensive, and many people have hiked or bikepacked the Colorado Trail multiple times, providing them with vast experience. Or if the weather really was that bad couldn’t I just stop and make/take shelter instead of continuing to ride in it? this setup can’t keep up with a smartphone charging draw in real time, but you can charge up the battery while you’re riding & then charge from it when you’re not. Those factors come before worrying about weight. It can snow even earlier in the year, so conditions in the fall are really a toss up. The Colorado Trail Foundation bills the Colorado Trail as “mile for mile, the most beautiful trail in America.” There’s truth to that, but it doesn’t come for free. Trip Report: Backpacking the Escalante Route in Grand Canyon National Park, Trip Report: Packrafting the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, The Illinois River: A Classic Oregon Multi-Day River Trip, Colorado Trail Hiker & Bikepacker Trip Length Survey, Nemo Fillo Inflatable Backpacking Pillow Review. It wasn’t the relaxing bike tour that I imagined, but it’s always good to push yourself, get uncomfortable, and figure out what your limits are. I decided in high school I wanted to design the best bikes and parts possible; I’ve been following my dream ever since. Another example might be to consider your rain jacket also to be an additional insulation layer, and skip bringing some other layering item. Revelate Designs Viscacha Seat Bag This trail is really spectacular, and it’s special to see the many different facets of Colorado. This summer my brother and I did a 25 day bikepacking loop around the NE of the US, starting and finishing in Washington, DC. The final additions are the extra items necessary to make that specific trip possible/better. Oware tarp tent I’m a huge advocate of lightweight travel and finding multiple uses for items and taking only essentials on tour. This year I had a chance to spend three days on the Illinois from Miami Bar to Oak Flat, and I finally understand why this section of river is so special. Oct 28, 2020 - Explore Taf McMurry's board "tRAiL lOvE" on Pinterest. For over 500 miles, the mostly-singletrack route runs down the spine of the Rockies from Denver to Durango. few things i discovered preparing for a pyrenees/alps cycling tour this past summer which you might want to know about if you don’t already: ...paired with Prior to the trail I was at sea-level in Oregon and hadn’t touched a bike for four months. I have picked up a Big Agnes sleeping pad since the trip to replace my old leaking Peak Elite AC. Salsa socks Gear Recommendations and Packing List for Bikepacking the Colorado Trail November 17, 2016 by John Nestler in Camping , Gear Review , Bikepacking Packing for an extended bikepacking trip isn’t drastically different from that of a hiking trip, but there are a few critical pieces of gear that can make a world of difference. This is the beginning of an adventure, enjoy! With a few ideas in mind I reached out to Thor at Alpacka Raft, and he suggested this stretch. Now, more than 60 racers line up each year. I am all for the Pitchpine SL. Oregon Three Rivers? “With the cancellation of my race season, I was left feeling lost without any events to train for; however, bikepacking the Colorado Trail provided me with an opportunity to see my bike as a tool for exploration instead of just a means to go fast. It seemed that everyone agreed that it was their favorite multi-day river trip in the area, but I was never in the area early enough to catch the spring flows. In 2015, there were more than 150. The hour to mileage ratio might seem a little high to some of you, but remember I was on a singlespeed mountain bike. I'd love to hear from you, just leave a comment below. Trash bags Bug spray. Gear Recommendations and Packing List for Bikepacking the Colorado Trail Packing for an extended bikepacking trip isn’t drastically different from that of a hiking trip, but there are a few critical pieces of gear that can make a world of difference. I use them in and around camp, and also for rainy days or cold mornings when first getting started. I appreciate the effort in publishing this. Swimsuit OFF-ROAD EXPEDITION / WORLD TOURING / CREATIVE THINKING, Colorado Colossal Bikepacking Trip - Gear List. Richard Forbes If you’re going to bike the Colorado Trail, you ought to have some backcountry experience under your belt already. Colorado Trail Race Gear List (Work in Progress)-While preparing for the Colorado Trail Race, I re-organized my gear placement to account for more singletrack riding. Slowly trudging through snow near the intersection of the Colorado Trail and Engineer Mountain Trail. I want to be minimalist but I don’t want to be stupid. Regardless, when I started researching the Colorado Trail I had a lot of questions and I hope this guide can both help to point you in the right direction and get you stoked as you start planning. .7 Liter Titanium pot If nothing else, I think it will be interesting! The Colorado Trail Bike Route is a challenging and rewarding ride of 540 miles that stretches from Denver to Durango, passing through stunning landscapes. Bikepacking The Colorado Trail | EP 6 Sargents Mesa. This kit ended up being much smaller than my Tour Divide kit because I only needed one USB wall charger and three different power cords. These articles are geared toward bikepackers, but much of the information will also pertain to backpackers. The route varies for mountain bikers due to the detours around wilderness areas, but this gives you an idea of the trajectory of the trail. The video summary of our 2017 thru-ride of the Colorado Trail. Any questions or opinions? I like bringing gear that is practical, reliable and durable. Snow. Take opportunities to get it all together, pack it up, unpack it, and then review your list again. Starting on the outskirts of metro Denver, the trail quickly climbs into the Rockies and stays high – at an average elevation above 9000 feet. Like this post? in Bikepacking, Gear While preparing for the Colorado Trail Race, I re-organized my gear placement to account for more singletrack riding. Sunscreen SPF 45 Getting ready to head out on a bikepacking adventure? Official app of The Colorado Trail Foundation. Technically this route begins in the US, but the vast majority of the riding takes place in … Find his story of seemingly impractical bike choices, trail magic, evading lightning bolts and heavy rain, and more here… I did the trail once, on a singlespeed, at the beginning of fall, which isn’t your typical trip. A major selling point to me of the Sony RX100 M2 camera is its ability to charge off USB unlike my older Olympus EPL-2 (it also takes amazing pictures). My goal after doing the Tour Divide several years ago was to reduce the amount of E-crap and take along a better backup power source. If you have the luxury it might be worth factoring an extra day or two into your trip to accommodate for weather like that. It’s large and certainly not discrete, but for serious sun protection while hiking or rafting, the Chillba is my go-to hat. I didn’t come into the experience expecting a journey of pure isolation in pristine habitat, and I suggest you don’t either. Thank you for sharing. Salsa jersey The insight and publishing the information adds to the body of knowledge. My gear list for the Colorado Colossal trip was a slightly slimmed down version of the gear list I’ve developed over the years on other bikepacking trips. It’s best to keep your first bikepacking trip distance fairly low and the route local. I had previously used IKs on the Tatshenshini and Nahanni, so I knew how much gear they could haul, and I was excited to put my new craft to use on a remote stretch of river. Needless to say, I was feeling a little spent. Shimano mountain shoes Organizing your gear into groups can be a good way to remember to pack what you need: Bike gear: This includes things like your bike, helmet, packs and lights. The best gear out there is the gear that does its job and allows you to focus on the reasons you are on the adventure in the first place. I love about every possible mode of cycling, mountain biking is the most fun, but if I’m on two wheels I’m happy. Duct tape The Big Three include Zpack and Katabatic changes – all quality cottage gear manufacturers. Tech Podcast: Bikepacking the Colorado Trail with Betsy! Overall, I was really happy with my gear on the trip. Starting at the base of the Front Range you’ll likely experience warm to hot weather as you move through the foothill and montane life zones early on. I rode a singlespeed since it’s the only mountain bike I have. Do you just need to buy a new stove you can count on? The price I paid for this beauty was some very cold weather near the end; as in cold enough to quickly freeze my tent while setting it up at night. Reviews for all of my current gear continue to be written, and where you see a link, you will find a review for that item. Zip ties Updated Gear List for the Colorado Trail. Scotch-Brite cleaning pad 45NRTH socks Oregon Outback? This article is part of a series about bikepacking the Colorado Trail. There are significant sections of exposure as well as the rock wall at Papago, so be prepared for those sections to be the crux of the trip. In summary, be safe and have fun on the adventure! And it's not just over gear; I do the same over maps, routes, resupply... the whole thing. Previous experiences or newly gained skills/techniques can also play a part in the variation of gear needs from trip to trip. Tyvec ground cloth July 26, 2019 by Grizzly Adam. This also allows me to charge my Garmin 800 whenever I need to; even while riding. No spam, I promise! Luckily I relied on my hiking experience to make the transition. Gorgeous fall colors alongside Cebolla Creek. During their time on the CT they documented each of their 13 days in a video journal, complete with incredible drone footage and valuable insight into bikepacking this legendary trail + Ben's full CT gear list. Below is a quick outline of the trail on Google Maps. Ibex Woolie long sleeve shirt Bikers will traverse many mountain ranges, including the Colorado Rocky Mountains, during their journey. First off, let’s define bikepacking. Constant smile. An example of this could be a backup stove. With these guiding principles I was able to bring exactly what I needed for the Colorado Colossal Road Bikepacking trip and nothing more. Areas around Kenosha Pass and Twin Lakes were ablaze with beautiful fall colors, and I felt privileged to follow that beauty along the trail. Personal hygiene kit 24 oz water bottles (x2) The trail was consistently harder than we expected, but we approached the tour the same way that both of us normally ride or work. The Colorado Trail is a multi use trail that runs 500 miles (529 by bicycle) from Waterton Canyon in Littleton, Colorado to Durango, Colorado. This is the second article in a series about bikepacking the Colorado Trail, and it covers basic planning and logistical aspects of the trip. It becomes apparent very quickly that the Colorado Trail is not a pure wilderness experience, and that’s okay. Salsa cycling cap Sign up to receive a monthly newsletter from the site. If you are planning to hike the entire 484 mile trail from Denver to Durango, this list includes everything I think you’ll need for hiking in the Rockies during the typical hiking season (late Spring – early Fall.) Our comprehensive checklist includes essentials for biking and camping. 6 years ago I finished the Colorado Trail Race. excellent minimalist list. It was an amazing experience done at a relaxed pace so I could read and contemplate as much as I wanted. These photos follow a chronological progression of my bikepacking trip on the Colorado from Denver to Durango starting on September 16th, 2016. The Colorado Trail Race had fewer than 10 people at its inaugural run. Such planning might mean not taking along an insulated jacket, thick wool beanie, extra drivetrain parts, etc? I chose to do the Colorado Trail solo as I’m fairly introverted and enjoy doing adventures like this on my own time. Camelbak Hydration. Betsy walks us through her choices. My introduction to bikepacking was a 4000 miles crash course in one year. Could you just ride further to get food if your stove did die and fire wasn’t possible? Sep 18, 2020 ... Oh yeah, and in our case at about 60lbs of gear to your sled. It’s generally agreed that Denver to Durango is the preferred direction to ride the trail since this allows one more time to acclimate to the altitude. For example, I took a pair of cheap waterproof pants from REI and had them sewn into 3/4-length pants. The Alexander? Baja Divide. How Much Time Does it Take to Hike the Colorado Trail? Of course this metric is going to include both the faster thru-hikers and those sauntering along, but my hope is there will be a happy medium in between. If you decide to do a fall trip just be prepared for some uncomfortable morning starts where you might not feel your fingers or feet as you start riding. Just a week before I got to Silverton there was a storm that dumped more than a foot of snow in the mountains, but luckily it melted before I arrived. I’ve found that I have a foundation of items that are usually taken on every trip; certain foods, safety gear, cooking items and sleep system. Homemade windscreen This led me to finding a sweet little charger to charge the batteries or charge something off the 18650 batteries. The only thing to do now is plan out that next adventure; Trans-North Georgia? I’m interested in trying to figure out the average amount of time that users take on the trail, and the amount of time they wish they had since that can be used as a reference tool by people planning their own trips in the future. I learned that crossing the Continental Divide isn’t just something you do once, rather it’s an undulating journey over multiple mountain ranges. I prefer to take my time during wilderness trips so I can get in my head, take in the landscape around me, and not feel rushed. This is the consequence of human development, and it’s both educational and humbling to see the effects of habitat fragmentation due to human development and roads. I thought that might make uncomfortable in camp but I didn’t really notice it at all. The nature of the trail varies significantly between Denver and Durango. Stuff sack for electronics Kiwi Brevet? Packing for an extended bikepacking trip isn’t drastically different from that of a hiking trip, but there are a few critical pieces of gear that can make a world of difference. For the Tour Divide, I aimed to place all gear on my bike with the bulk of the weight on the handlebar. This guide is geared towards bikepackers, but much of the information could also be beneficial to backpackers. Twin Six nylon jacket Bikepacking to the Colorado 14ers is currently being written and published publicly. That’s just a quick synopsis of the trail. Having lived in the state for the past five years I got to see small communities, forest roads, lakes, and campsites that I never knew existed. Revelate Designs Tangle Bag Shelter: Remember your tent, tarp, bivy or hammock. I highly recommend making sure you have everything you need at least a month before your trip. The relaxed pace and 10 AM starts slowly began to fade as I worked to make up those miles and get to Leadville on time. The trail continues to slowly gain elevation, and roughly 130 miles in you’ll catch a brief experience of being above treeline at Georgia Pass (11,874’). This is an introductory article, the first in a series about bikepacking the Colorado Trail. Most of the weight was taken up by the […] Homemade 3/4-length rain pants Virginia Mountain Bike Trail (U.S.) Bikepackers living in the eastern U.S. aren't completely shut out of … LAST MODIFIED: Tuesday November 21st, 2017. Well, I soon discovered that the trail would be more of a full-on physical effort than I imagined. Colorado Trail Gear List redbarn July 18, 2015 Business Robert and friends leave for the Colorado Trail bikepacking trip this coming Friday the 24th, and will start their ride Sunday morning on … Garmin Edge 800 GPS Join our email list. Awesome adventure and a sweet rig!! So that’s my background - I’m a capable 23 year old, but like to go slow to take it all in (however, I also enjoy the occasional sufferfest!). I used these items hiking Southbound early in the 2017 season. Sony RX100 camera POSTED BY: Sean on Thursday October 16th, 2014 For example, could I just plan out my stops and food grabs better so that I don’t even need a stove on this trip? Topeak mini pump Packrafting has always interested me, but it wasn’t until I won an AIRE BAKraft at Gauley Fest last year that I seriously considered putting a lightweight river trip together. iPhone w/ charger & cord The Escalante Route is reportedly one of the more difficult, non-technical routes in the Grand Canyon, but it offers a sampling platter for all the Canyon has to offer. Canister of sealant When I started researching the Colorado Trail I had a lot of questions and I hope this guide can both help to point you in the right direction and get you stoked as you start planning! You'll follow this beautiful creek for quite a while during the La Garita Wilderness detour. It gives you a nice feel for the topography of hiking both near the river as well as through the exposed rock & side canyons that feed into it.